GSoC Weekly Report: Week 1 (19 May – 25 May)

So, it was the first week of my work. Before the start of coding period, I had a short conversation with my mentor to decide how things should start and go. We decided to start with an addition to Bugzilla that lets users choose if they want to make use of Markdown feature by default or not. The feature also makes it possible for an administrator to disable the Markdown feature altogether so that no user is able to use it at all. I did that simply by adding a new user preference to the list of current preferences. Below you can see a screenshot of it.



Bug(s) Addressed:

Bug 1014164: Add a new user preference for using markdown


First post

Hi everyone. I just created this blog for the sake of Google Summer of Code 2014 program. I will be using this blog to post reports about the status of my work as Mozilla requires me to.