GSoC Weekly Report: Week 13 (11 August – 17 August)

This was the last week. I wrote a brief documentation for end users about supported Markdown structures and how a user can make use of it. I also generated the final patch and attached my whole work during these three months for the final review. And yes, I finished the project and met all the goals set at the beginning.

Goodbye Google Summer of Code 2014!

GSoC Weekly Report: Week 12 (4 August – 10 August)

By this week, I finished almost all parts of coding. I resolved linkification conflicts and did some cleanups to the code that I wrote before. I also added documentation to my class (Bugzilla::Markdown).

Since the code is almost done, I generated a final patch and attached it to BMO. I received some comments on my patch from my mentor to revise the code. I then made the modifications accordingly and attached a new patch to BMO.